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Dedicated in memory of Shmuel Shneur Zalman ben Alexander Zev Halevi. May his Neshama gain merit from our Torah study & good deeds. 

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Thursday's @ 7.30pm 

'Riding Life's Rollercoasters'

'Riding Life's Rollercoasters' with Chavie Bruk.

What a special evening!  A warm thanks to our sponsor Mrs. Hecht, & co-sponsor Ellen Mackler for your investment in the Jewish Women's Circle of Westville. May you be blessed!

With 5 adopted children from all colors and backgrounds, this family in Montana is truly extraordinary. In honor of my upcoming birthday, i'd like to invite you to an evening for women, to hear Chavie's story and her insight on how to 'Hang on, stay strong and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of life'.


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