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Ckids Club - Fall 2022

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Read it in Hebrew - Course is in progress

When's our next event?

Thanks for asking!

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Torah Studies! Roundtable study session. Thursday evenings, 7.30pm. Virtually via zoom. Click to register.


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Riding the inspiration from the unique JEM film "Precious Souls", taking the Rebbe's lead in seeing the best in ourselves and others.

See the short film "Hidden Treasure" if you missed it.


Grand Menorah Lighting!

WOW! WHAT AN EVENT! Thanks to everyone who made it possible, and to all the locals who joined together to light up Westville with the light of Chanukah! Lots of fun and food was had by all, thank G-D.

If you have any photos or videos that you're happy to share, please DO! We have way too few. Click below.

JWC Menorahs & Martinis

It was awesome! So nice to spend time with all those that participated. Special thanks to the committe helpers and sponsors & Thanks to Leah and the Tootle Family for so warmly hosting everyone in their home!

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Stop & Shop Latke Hour

Freshly fried hot latkes! yum! & indeed they were. Lots of guesses for the dreidel raffle, and the lucky winner........Ruth Gross! 

Thanks to the Stop & Shop team, Roberta & Michelle for making it all happen in such a generous and supportive way.

To see some photos, click here. Any other Chanukah ideas? Let us know!

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